Only One In The World.

When the bootys of Scotland yard are out of their depth, which is always, they come to me.

Me and my friend talking about her love life

  • Me: Well y'know sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.
  • Friend: That's from Sherlock isn't it? Oh my god. That's all you ever talk about! You're either quoting it or comparing it to my life!! I seriously think you need to get over that show because you are way more than obsessed and its all you ever talk about!
  • Me: ...
  • Me: You always say such horrible things. Every time. Always. Always...
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: .. That's from Sherlock, isn't it?

anonnymoss asked: Is there any chance of seeing all your Sherly characters in one big drawing? All of your characters are awesome and I love them all.



They love you too! ♥ (:


I’m going to print this out and put it in a frame.